Winter Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Cold

Winter maintenance for your car sounds like a lot of work. However, knowing a few simple tips can make all the difference to your car. Here are four tips to maintain your car this winter.

Winter Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Cold

Fill Up On Cooling Systems

Make sure that there is enough coolant in your car. Coolant prevents the engine from freezing. If you are replacing coolant yourself, it is recommended to use a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. Although you can replace the coolant yourself, having a mechanic do it will guarantee no mistakes.

Invest in New Tires

Having tires that can withstand the cold is crucial. If your tires aren’t bald, then you should get them rotated. Also, it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure as a part of your winter maintenance routine.

Check Your Car Battery

Doing some winter maintenance on your car can save you from breaking down. It can be difficult for a car battery to work in cold weather, so have a professional mechanic perform a test on it.

Replace Lighting

It becomes darker in the evening during the winter season, so make sure your headlights are working. Check that your interior lights are working, as well.

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