Tire Replacement: Pulling the Trigger on New Tires

Changing Tire

Learn the Signs of an Aging Tire Before It Dies on the Road.

Is it almost time for tire replacement? Not every driver knows how to tell when a tire is nearing the end of its lifetime. There are a few symptoms you can use to determine when to pull the trigger on new tires.

Symptom #1: Worn Threads

When you’re on the road with bald tires, commuting can feel less like driving and more like skiing. The limited control can even be dangerous, especially in wet conditions. You can test the state of your treads by using the Penny Test. The next time you pull into your drive way at home, take a penny and insert Abraham Lincoln headfirst into the tread. If the president’s head disappears at all, your tire still has healthy treads. If Lincoln is still completely visible after inserting the penny, it’s time for tire replacement.

Symptom #2: Damaged Sidewalls

The siding of your tires are just as important as your treads. Healthy sidewalls should appear relatively smooth, but a damaged tire can have ridges, gashes or bulges. If you spot any of these symptoms, you need to replace your tire as soon as possible.

Symptom #3: Expired Tires

Contrary to what many used tire companies would tell you, a “barely used” tire can still be too dangerous for your vehicle, but not for the reason you think. The expiration clock starts ticking as soon as a tire is manufactured; it has nothing to do with tire use. Even barely used tires can fail once their 10 year lifespan has expired. Check your tires and make sure they’re still safe.

Follow these tests, and you’ll protect yourself from an unfortunate crisis on the road. For more tips about tire replacement or any other aspect of your car, give our experts a call at __PHONE__. We’d be happy to answer any questions and relieve any concerns you might have about your vehicle.