Three Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Regular Oil Changes

Regular Oil Changes Will Extend the Overall Life of Your Engine.

Most vehicle owners remain vaguely aware of the benefits of regular oil changes. The activity relates to the continued health of the vehicle, though the particulars may remain unclear. Oil lubricates and protects the moving parts of an engine. Without it, a vehicle would quickly overheat and cease to function. Despite this awareness, many people skimp on oil changes. This can become a dangerous habit. To encourage more regularity with oil changes, consider the following advantages.

Better Gas Mileage

A well-lubricated engine has an easier job. Less friction and wear in the engine makes it a simpler task to operate your vehicle. Regular oil changes provide this benefit, which increases your gas mileage and the overall efficiency of your car.

Less Damage

Over time, oil will collect bits of dirt and debris. These can harm an engine as the oil goes about its job. A fresh oil change removes these particles, and ensures the healthy operation of your engine. An engine that takes less damage from old oil will have a much longer life.

Extended Life

Clean, fresh oil causes less friction in your engine, and causes less damage through accumulated debris. Together, these two benefits suggest the most important factor behind regular oil changes: a longer life for your engine. A car represents a significant investment. To get the premier return on this investment, you must take care of the engine.

Oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles are indispensable pieces of service. For regular oil changes in Springfield, MA, trust the experts at Spartan Auto Care Centers. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at __PHONE__.