What to Do with an Overheated Car

Overheated Car

An Overheated Engine Can Present a Serious Repair Issue.

As the temperatures begin to rise, so does the likelihood that you may have to deal with an overheated car. When you car overheats, you can find yourself in a tricky situation. Until you can see a mechanic, you car will remain quite vulnerable to additional damage. You may also find yourself stranded. To prevent a problem from turning into a crisis, make sure you do the following.

Turn Off the Engine

The first thing you must do with an overheated car is to stop driving. Pull over to a safe location, and immediately kill your engine. This can prevent extensive damage to your vehicle, as running it while overheated can cause lasting harm. If you’re close to home, you can go ahead and try to make it, though you should never drive more than a quarter mile in an overheated vehicle.

Take Care with Your Hood

Before you try and attend to the engine, keep in mind that it has overheated. This means that it has become extremely hot, so you should approach with caution and care. Wait until your car’s temperature gauge has fallen back from red, then open the hood. If you need to open the radiator cap, make sure you protect your hand with a towel or rag.

Add Extra Coolant

Every driver should make a habit to carry an extra jug of coolant or water in their vehicle. Most of the time, a car overheats due to low coolant. Simply topping off your engine can sometimes do the trick and get you back on the road. For a temporary solution, you can even use water.

You can sometimes avert overheating altogether if you turn off your AC and blast your heater. This can serve as a temporary solution to channel heat away from the engine. When your car overheats, you must visit a trusted mechanic as a soon as possible. If you have an overheated car in Springfield and West Springfield, MA, call the experts at Spartan Auto Care at __PHONE__ today.