Nun Takes Ambien, Drives While Sleeping

a photo of a hand resting near a rosarySister Kimberly Miller of Philadelphia was prescribed Ambien for her occasional insomnia. She took the drug sparingly, not wanting to become addicted to any substance. However, one night in November, 2015, the nun drank wine before taking the Ambien and going to bed.

She did not stay in bed for very long, though. Police arrived at the scene of an accident, where they discovered one disoriented nun, and the car she had crashed into an auto shop. Sister Kimberley, who had never run afoul of the law before, was distressed when she realized she had been handcuffed and arrested,

The nun blamed her blackout on the Ambien she had taken, and also stated that she had been a sleepwalker since childhood. Eyewitnesses to her sleepwalking incidents backed up her story. The police have accused her of drinking more than the two cups of wine she admitted to drinking. The judge has yet to issue a ruling in this case.

If you take prescription medications, always ask your doctor before mixing them with alcohol — and never get behind the wheel if you’re drinking or taking medications that make you drowsy! We want you to stay safe out there.

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