How to Get Improved Gas Mileage

improved gas mileage

You can save money at the pump through a few simple strategies.

While the price of gas may vary from acceptable to terrifying, good gas mileage will always save you money. From gas guzzlers to hybrids, all cars can achieve better mileage through a few simple practices. If you’d like to save some money while on the road, follow these simple tips for improved gas mileage.

Reduce Speed

Most people tend to drive as if in a hurry. Speeding greatly reduces your gas mileage, however, in addition to associated safety concerns. If you make a conscious effort to reduce your speed, you will save money on gas. For best results, try to drive below 45 mph whenever possible. Though not always practical, this reasonable speed will keep you safe and conserve your tank.

Stop Engine at Red Lights

Contrary to popular belief, it does not require an excessive amount of fuel to start your vehicle. If your engine runs, then you are burning gas. You can minimize this while in cities if you cut your engine at red lights. Though it may take a few seconds to start the car after the light changes, you’ll have better mileage as your reward.

Reduce Weight

The heavier your vehicle, the more gas it burns. To reduce your car’s weight, look to the trunk. Remove all superfluous items and junk, and you’ll have a lighter car that will run longer on a tank of gas.

These serve as just a few of the ways to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. Simple maintenance operations can also lead to improved gas mileage. To learn more or schedule any kind of service in Springfield, MA, call __PHONE__ today for Spartan Auto Care.