Fun Car Facts

carPersonal vehicles have become the preferred mode of transportation of most Americans. With over one billion cars being driven around the world today, there is more to learn about cars than ever. For instance, 165,000 cars are produced every day. There are even whole cities with more cars than people such as Los Angeles. Keep reading this blog to learn more fun car facts.


  • Driving at 60 MPH, it would take than six months to reach the moon
  • The average car has about 30,000 parts
  • The average American spends roughly 38 hours in traffic annually
  • The first car wreck took place in Ohio in 1891
  • 95% of a car’s lifespan it is parked
  • About 80% of a car is recyclable
  • Most American car horns are in the key of F
  • The Ford Model T made up 55% of all cars in 1916
  • The first traffic light was installed in 1927 in Wolverhampton, England
  • New Car Smell can actually be traced back to several chemicals known as VOCs

Weren’t those fun car facts? Hopefully, you learned something new and entertaining about cars. If you have any questions about your cars, you can call Spartan Auto Care in Springfield, MA to speak with an ASE certified mechanic.