Essential Tips for Fall Car Maintenance

Fall Car Maintenance

Fall Has Its Own Travel Demands That Necessitate Maintenance.

After the stress of summer heat, traffic, and travel, fall can seem like a season of rest for your car. While this is true to some extent, you still need to pay attention to certain items of fall car maintenance. Before you spend too much time on the road this fall — or travel for Thanksgiving — make sure you’ve attended to the following.

Check Heater

As the weather becomes colder, your heater will once again see use. Instead of waiting for the first cold day to determine your heater has broken, check it beforehand. Comfort aside, a broken heater can also present a safety issue. The heater manages your defroster, which stands as an indispensable component as the weather changes.

Antifreeze Levels

Your antifreeze, surprisingly enough, also does work throughout the summer. This important fluid raises the boiling point of your engine’s coolant to prevent overheating. Antifreeze does even more when cold weather arrives. You’ll want to ensure proper levels, and take your vehicle in for a check-up if antifreeze appears low.

Inspect Your Tires

Summer travel puts a lot of wear on tires. Between the heat of the road and distances traveled, you should definitely check your tires at the season’s end. If your treads look low, make sure you get the tires changed before any fall trips. You could also have your tires rotated to ensure a longer lifespan.

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