Essential Summer Car Maintenance

photo of summerSummer is here, which means it is time to get your car maintenance completed. Many people take road trips with friends or vacations with family during the summer season, driving for a good portion of it. Summer can be fun but it can also take a huge toll on your car. It may not be apparent, but changes in the season can affect many different systems within your car, from tire pressure to how your filters function. Before you head out of the road, there are a few specific areas of your car that you should check out or have serviced before you hit the road.

Top Systems to Check For Your Summer Maintenance

#1 Tires

It is no secret that tires are affected by the weather. More specifically, they are affected by temperature. It is important to check your tires and maintain the best pressure for them. Without maintenance, your tires can wear irregularly and even be damaged beyond repair. When filling up your tires, the recommended PSI can be found on the tire itself. You may also want to take your vehicle into the shop for wheel alignment and tire rotation. This will ensure that your tires wear evenly, preventing an excess of damage to only one.

#2 Filters and Fluids

Periodically, it is important to have your fluids and filters checked and changed. This includes your oil filter, oil, air filter, coolant, fuel filters, and more. Changing your filters will ensure no debris, dust, or metal affects your engine, keeping your systems running at optimal efficiency. Sometimes, debris that has passed through a filter can get caught up within the fluids, especially with oil. If untreated, these particles can damage your engine and even break down your car.  Getting service and fluid change will prevent the particles from affecting your engine.

#3 Brakes

Your brakes are very important to the safety of your vehicle on the road. Having brake service completed can be the difference in how your car handles an emergency situation. On your next drive to the store, make mental notes of any issues you are experiencing with your braking. Does it seem like it takes a while for your car to stop? Have you heard any grinding noises? These are signs that your brakes need service.

#4 Emergency Kit

When was the last time you checked your emergency kit? Before you head out on the road, check and ensure you are stocked up on all the essentials such as road flares, first aid kit, jumper cables, and other safety items. One piece of safety many forget to check on is their spare tire. This can be the difference between making it to your destination or being stuck on the side of the road. Always check to make sure your spare tire has the correct amount of PSI when you are testing your in-use tires.

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