Disc Brakes vs. Drum Brakes

If your brakes squeak or grind when you step on the pedal, it is time for you to schedule an appointment for brake repair. Repairing your braking system as soon as you notice a problem is very important because postponing it could lead to a serious accident. Spartan Auto Care is here to help with your brake repair needs.

Mechanic Changing the Pads on the Brakes

We Are Able to Repair Both Disc and Rum Braking Systems.


What Type of Brakes Do You Have?

There are two different kinds of braking systems manufactured for cars and trucks. Each one uses friction to stop the car, but they have different designs that require different repairs from a mechanic. Here are some of the differences between disc and drum brakes.

Disc Brakes
If your car has disc brakes, there is a spinning rotor inside the wheel. This rotor spins alongside the tire when the car is going down the road. When you apply the brake pedal, a device called the caliper presses the brake pad against the side of the rotor to slow the rotation, which in turn slows the rotation of the tire. This braking method is mostly used on modern cars and is considered by professionals to be the more efficient of the two brake systems.

Drum Brakes
Drum brakes are found mostly on older cars and trucks, but some newer vehicles will have drums on the rear tires. This brake system is comprised of a rotating drum that has shoes inside. When the brake pedal is pushed, the shoes press against the sides of the drum to slow the rotation and the speed of the car.

Regardless of the type of braking system you have on your car, our staff is here to help. Contact our office at (413) 781-2480 to schedule an appointment for your brake repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA.