Strut and Shock Replacement

Photo of strut and shock replacementYour struts and shocks are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension system. While these two components are very different, they both assist drivers by stabilizing vehicles on the road – creating a smoother ride while driving. Without struts or shocks, driving would become much more difficult and feel more like riding a roller coaster. If your car feels like it is shaking or vibrating while you drive, you should get your car to the shop for strut and shock replacement as soon as possible.

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What’s The Difference Between Shocks and Struts?

Strut or shock replacement is one of the most noticeable improvements you can make to your car or truck, giving you a smoother, more comfortable, more stable ride and increased driving control. One of the simplest differences to understand between these two suspension mechanisms is that shock absorbers provide greater stability and struts offer a lower initial installation cost. In addition, shocks can be removed from your vehicle, and, if you do not get shock replacement, it would still drive although your drive would be less than pleasant. Without struts, your vehicle would fall to the ground and be inoperable.


When you drive on an uneven road surface, the vehicle suspension will move. The springs in the suspension will bounce with motion and, without shocks, creates an uncomfortable ride. The shocks helps absorb that movement of your vehicle in order to protect the suspension from damage and make the drive more comfortable. Shocks consist of a series of valves that allow oil to flow in one direction at a fixed rate. This mechanism keeps your car or truck’s wheels flush with the road, enhancing the vehicle’s stability and balance and ultimately the driver’s control.


Struts are required for support in the vehicle suspension. Without properly installed struts, your wheels would be unstable and wobble. Just like shock replacement, the leading cause of strut repair and replacement is aging struts. Struts and shocks are very important for handling and braking performance. Worn out shocks and struts will reduce grip on the road and lead to safety issues. Bring your vehicle in today to have your suspension tested for weaknesses that need repairs.

The Bounce Test

A time-tested method for determining whether or not it is time for strut and shock replacement is to perform a bounce test. Simply, bounce your vehicle up and down over each wheel and your car or truck should come to a stop at its normal state of rest. If your vehicle continues to wobble and rock, then the wheel needs strut and shock replacement. Struts and shock replacement is done in pairs.

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