Brake Repair

Photo of brake repairYou trust your brakes to perform an essential function while driving – stopping your car. If your brakes fail, you will lose significant control over your vehicle and can be left in dangerous situations. At highway speeds, over 50 MPH, working brakes become a necessity that helps keep drivers and passengers safe. When wear happens, it is crucial to have brake repair as soon as possible for your safety.

If you believe that your car needs brake repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA, trust Spartan Auto Care and call today at (413) 781-2480. We are the oldest exhaust and brake specialty company in Western MA. This means that you are entrusting your vehicle and ultimately your safety to the most experienced and established brake repair technicians in the area.

Know Your Brakes

Most modern vehicles are constructed with disc brake systems. Disc brakes are hydraulic braking systems that use fluids to trigger calipers (padded clamps) that squeeze together around the rotor (disc). The resulting friction slows the vehicle until it is brought to a complete stop. However, the padding around your calipers (brake pads) wear down over time and repeated use. This means that eventually they become less effective at slowing your vehicle and will need to be replaced. A brake pad should be about a quarter of an inch in thickness. When this wears down, brake repair becomes necessary.

Your brake pads should include a wear indicator that can signal when it is time to change your brake pads. If you hear a high-pitched squealing sound when applying your brakes, this is a function of your wear indicator letting you know it’s time for brake repair or new brakes. Moreover, if you hear a grinding sound after using your brakes, your brake pads may be completely worn, and your calipers and rotors are grinding against one another. This metal-on-metal contact can result in damage to your rotors, leading to even more expensive brake repair.

Antilock Brake Systems (ABS) help give drivers enhanced stability control over their vehicles during emergency braking situations. When you apply your brakes for a rapid emergency deceleration, your ABS will kick in, and you will feel pulsations coming from your brake pedal. If your brake pedal pulses or vibrates during regular braking, your car may need brake repair. A common cause for this issue is warped rotors.

These are only a few of the most common brake malfunctions that indicate a need for brake repair. If you experience any difficulty braking, bring your vehicle to the ASE certified mechanics at Spartan Auto Care for brake repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA. Call (413) 781-2480 to schedule your brake repair appointment today!