Automotive A/C Repair

A/C repairYour vehicle’s air conditioning system helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. When your car’s air conditioner fails, it won’t take long to notice because you will be left without cool air. There is a variety of potential issues that can lead to your car’s air conditioning breaking down and you can rely on Spartan Auto Care for any car A/C repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA.

We have been in business for over 60 years, and we have been providing great warranties, great prices, and first-class service every day since we opened our doors in 1956. We believe that providing first-class service means making your repairs as easy as possible. One way we make your A/C repair easy is by accepting all insurance. Call (413) 781-2480 today to schedule your appointment for car A/C repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA.

Common A/C Repair

Your car’s air conditioning system will have specific manufacturer specifications. However, most air conditioners in most vehicles operate on the same principles. Understanding a few of the most common issues that require car A/C repair can help you know what to look for when it comes time for car A/C repair or replacement.

Coolant Leaks

Air conditioners work using liquid coolants that are pumped through your A/C system’s hoses and tubes through an expansion valve where it expands and cools the air in your vehicle. When there is not enough coolant being pumped through your air conditioner, your vehicle will not be as cool as it should be. The most common cause of insufficient coolant is a leak somewhere in your A/C system. The rubber hoses included in your air conditioning system are the most vulnerable part of your vehicle’s A/C system to develop leaks. You can check for leaks by looking for puddles of coolant underneath your vehicle while it is parked. If you see puddles, car A/C repair is necessary.

Failed Cooling Fan

The liquid coolant in your vehicle’s air conditioning needs to be cooled by air flow. The necessary air flow for proper car air conditioning is generated by a cooling fan. When the cooling fan stops working or slows down, it can lead to a hot car. Checking the fan for obstructions and clearing any debris away from the fan may remedy your fan issues. However, you may need to replace the fan altogether through car A/C repair and maintenance.

Computer and Electrical Malfunctions

Most new cars are operated by computers, and when these computers fail, your car’s various systems can fail. One of the functions controlled by your vehicle’s computer system is your air conditioning. Many cars have an interior temperature monitor that is controlled by its computer. When this temperature sensor fails to accurately read the temperature in your vehicle, you can experience system issues that require car A/C repair.

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