ABS Repair

Photo of abs repairAnti-lock Brake Systems or ABS are installed in most vehicles but are optional features with some vehicles. We recommend consulting the dealership where you purchased your vehicle or your owner’s manual to determine whether or not an ABS is installed in your vehicle. These systems require quality maintenance and ABS repair to give you the stopping power your need.

The purpose of anti-lock brakes is to give drivers enhanced stability control while braking during emergency situations. They do this by ensuring that all of your wheels are braking at the same speed. This means that if one of your brakes is braking faster than another, your ABS equalizes your brake speed. It does this by briefly relieving hydraulic pressure to the wheel that is in danger of locking up and losing traction. The momentary interruptions of hydraulic pressure allows your brakes to pulsate – applying pressure without locking up.

Trust your car to the technicians at Spartan Auto Care for ABS repair. Remember, your brakes and anti-lock brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, and driving without them can be deadly. Do not put off ABS repair. Give us a call at (413) 781-2480 for your ABS repair service in Springfield and West Springfield, MA today.

ABS Maintenance and You

Most manufacturers claim that ABS repair and maintenance is unnecessary. While this may be true, we recommend that owners of vehicles with anti-lock brakes flush and change their brake fluid annually. Have your vehicle inspected for the need for ABS repair. This will prevent issues with the hydraulic modulator – one of your brake systems most expensive parts.

One of the major advantages of changing your brake fluid is that it can prevent undue corrosion inside your brake lines. Over time, brake fluid will absorb moisture, and this moisture is naturally corrosive to your brake lines. Changing your brake fluid will help to extend the life of your brake lines and hydraulic components, keeping your car running safely for longer.

Anti-lock Breaking Tips

  • Refrain from pumping your brakes while your ABS is engaged since it is designed to work with pressure steadily applied to your brakes. Brake pumping may cause the necessity for ABS repair.
  • Review any specific manufacturer recommendations for driving with an engaged ABS included in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  • Anti-lock brakes are intended to help drivers steer around unexpected obstructions. Do not forget to continue to steer your vehicle.
  • An ABS will make clicking sounds and cause your pedal to pulse when engaged. This is normal for ABS so continue driving and don’t let off your brake pedal.

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