Wheel Balancing

Photo of wheel balancingWheel balancing is crucial to keeping your car or truck running smoothly while driving. If your wheels are unbalanced, then your drive will be characterized by vibrations and shaking when driving at highway speeds. Even slight wheel imbalances can cause severe reverberations that make driving more difficult and can lead to increased wear on your tires.

If your car vibrates when you drive at highway speeds, bring it into Spartan Auto Care. Our ASE certified mechanics will assess your wheels and tires and then complete any necessary balancing. We have been open since 1956, and we have been providing great warranties, great prices and first-class service since our first day on the job. Call us today at (413) 781-2480 for your wheel balancing appointment in Springfield and West Springfield, MA.

Wheel Balancing Explained

When a new wheel is mounted on a vehicle’s axle, it needs to undergo wheel balancing so that weight is evenly distributed across the axle. Our mechanics use the most advanced wheel balancing machinery to determine precisely where weight needs to added to your wheels for properly balanced driving. In fact, our machines are sensitive enough to detect weight differences as small as a quarter of an ounce around your wheels.

While a quarter of an ounce may not seem like much weight, it quickly multiplies because of the hundreds of rotations per minute made by your wheels at highway speeds to generate a substantial force. Even more, multiplying this force by four wheels makes for even greater disruptive forces.

Eventually, unbalanced wheels will exert uneven forces on your tires, causing them to wear at uneven paces and in irregular patterns. If left unaddressed long enough, improperly balanced wheels can generate excess strain on your suspension system and wheel bearings – leading to costly and time-consuming repairs.

You should include wheel balancing whenever you have your tires patched, replaced or rotated. This is important because wheel balancing needs to be completed periodically to maintain recommended levels of stability. Simply, driving your vehicle will throw off its balance. Every turn and bump will decrease your wheel balance, meaning that you will need to have them balanced again.

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