Tire Rotation

Photo of tire rotationYour tires are one of the most essential parts of your vehicle – they are literally where the rubber meets the road. This means that unbalanced or worn tires can wreak havoc on your ability, as a driver, to control your car, truck or SUV. Having tire rotation and balance checks by our licensed mechanics is an excellent way to preserve the life of your tires as well as keep your car safe on the road.

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Why Rotate My Tires?

One of the most important reasons, other than your safety as a driver or passenger, to complete tire rotation periodically is that many tire warranties require tire rotation to maintain a valid warranty. Tire rotation keeps your tires wearing at even levels in order to aid in driver’s control of their vehicles after tread has worn away. Uneven tread on your tires can result in the vehicle pulling towards one side of the road while driving. This destabilizes the vehicle and decreases the driver’s control.

It is important to remember that different vehicles will produce different levels and patterns of wear on their tires. For instance, a family sedan, sports car, and heavy-duty truck are all designed for different performance. The design differences of these vehicles mean that they drive differently and, therefore, their tires wear differently. Moreover, front wheels and rear wheels are asked to accomplish different tasks while driving. Checking the tread on your tires is a great way to observe differences in wear. If you see that your tires are wearing at different rates, it is probably time for a tire rotation.

We recommend that you get tire rotation when you get your oil changed even if they do not appear to be wearing. This way you will prevent uneven wear and you will have more control while driving. Moreover, this is a good time to inspect your tires and repair any punctures or remove debris that is caught in your tread.

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