Oil Change

Photo of oil changeChanging your motor oil is one of the most common maintenance procedures that car owners complete to keep their vehicles running efficiently. Without the proper levels of oil in your car, truck or SUV, your vehicle’s engine can become damaged beyond repair. While conventional wisdom has had car owners change their oil about every 3,000 miles or three months, newer model vehicles can go much longer without an oil change. In fact, depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle your next oil change could be up to 15,000 miles away.

The best way to determine how often to change your oil is to review your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You can also find your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil weight in the owner’s manual. Schedule your next oil change in Springfield and West Springfield, MA with Spartan Auto Care by calling (413) 781-2480. We even have two locations so you can have the most convenient oil change in Springfield and West Springfield, MA.

Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

When having an oil change, it is important to look at many different factors for your vehicle’s oil, such as the viscosity. Viscosity is the measurement of resistance to flow. Casually, viscosity may be understood as the thickness of a liquid. For instance, molasses is much thicker and has a higher viscosity than water. When it comes to your vehicle’s motor oil, viscosity expresses the speed with which oil flows through a viscometer, which is a specially designed device that measures viscosity. The higher the oil’s viscosity, the slower it will flow through the viscometer.

The differences in viscosity between different brand and types of motor oil are important because oil can reach your engine quicker during colder weather instead of running dry without oil when starting your vehicle. Simply, the more freely oil can flow through your engine during cold temperatures, the less time your engine runs dry. Resulting in less wear and stress is placed on your engine.

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