Brake Adjustment

photo of brake adjustmentKeep your brakes maintained so you are prepared to stop your vehicle on a dime in any road conditions. The brakes on your vehicle are vital to your safety as a driver. Worn brakes increase the amount of time and distance it takes to bring your vehicle to a stop. When driving at highway speeds, every second and inch counts. Without proper brake adjustment, you can find yourself in a potentially dangerous wreck that can mean expensive auto body repairs or a totaled vehicle.

Brake adjustment and inspection is an excellent way to prevent them from deteriorating to a dangerous degree. If you notice that your car, truck or SUV doesn’t come to a stop as quickly as it used to, bring your vehicle to Spartan Auto Care for a brake adjustment in Springfield and West Springfield, MA. Give us a call today at (413) 781-2480 for your brakes service.

Brake Adjustments & Inspections

Because brakes play a crucial role in keeping drivers safe; we recommend that brake adjustments or checks be a part of each of your regular maintenance inspections. At every oil change or maintenance pit-stop, you should have your brakes inspected by a licensed mechanic to assess brake dust accumulation and wear on your brake pads.

It is impossible to know exactly how long brakes will last because of the myriad of factors that go into the effective lifespan of modern brakes. A good time to have your brake adjustment and inspection is any time that you have your tires rotated or wheels balanced.

Signs It’s Time for a Brake Adjustment

  • Squealing Sounds: Brakes should operate quietly. Brakes that squeak and squeal need to be replaced or have brake adjustment service.
  • Shaky Driving: If you vehicle vibrates while braking, your brakes may not be the only source of the issue, and you should see a professional mechanic immediately.
  • Pedal on Floor: A brake pedal that reaches your floorboard before slowing your vehicle indicates that it is time for a brake adjustment.
  • Pedal Pumping: Brakes are designed to apply stopping power to your wheels immediately. If you have to pump your brake pedal, bring your car to Spartan Auto Care.
  • Drifting While Braking: Braking force should be distributed across your vehicle to bring it to a balanced stop. If your car pulls to one side while braking, brake adjustment is necessary.

Spartan Auto Care is the oldest brake and exhaust specialty company in Western Massachusetts. Schedule your brake adjustment in Springfield and West Springfield, MA with us today by calling (413) 781-2480.