Airbag Repair

Airbag RepairYour airbags help keep you safe in the event that you get into an accident while driving. This is why tending to airbag repair is important. Drivers who get into high-speed wrecks are far more likely to be seriously or fatally injured if they are driving without airbags. This is why all vehicles now come standard with frontal airbags, and many include side airbags as an additional safety feature.

While airbags are an integral part of your safety as a driver or passenger, they are only part of a larger safety system designed to protect drivers from dangerous accidents. Your vehicle is equipped with a supplemental restraint system (SRS) that consists of your seatbelts and airbags. Without these systems, driving can put you in fatal danger. That is why when you need airbag repair, it is important to have it taken care of quickly. This may be due to a factory recall or age. Airbag repair will keep your security system running perfectly.

Spartan Auto Care wants to help keep you safe while driving. Do not put off airbag repair service! If you need airbag repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA, make an appointment for repairs with us today by calling (413) 781-2480.

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

While driving is one of the most common activities most Americans participate in as a part of their daily routines, it can be dangerous. Most people are familiar with the airbags that are stored in their steering wheels and the compartment above the glove box in the front passenger seat. In addition to deploying your airbags, your SRS also tightens occupants’ seat belts in order to help minimize the potential harm done to passengers in the event of a wreck.

If your SRS light is on, your vehicle’s safety is compromised. This may be caused by many different reasons, including the need for airbag repair. With a disabled supplemental restraint system, your airbags will not deploy during a wreck, seat belts will not tighten, and no other additional safety features will activate.

This makes it monumentally important to bring your car in for airbag repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA after your SRS light is tripped. Spartan Auto Care knows that driver safety is the most important aspect of the driving experience. Scheduling airbag repair in Springfield and West Springfield, MA when your SRS light comes on will help keep you and your passengers safe. Give us a call today at (413) 781-2480 for airbag repair service!