Air Conditioning failure


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It’s blazing hot outside so you push the air conditioning button on your dashboard, but no cold air comes out! How can this be? There could be several reasons for this malfunction. Let’s look at the potential problems with an A/C system.

How A/C Systems Work

A/C system compressors are like pumps that push the refrigerant to the condenser. While the refrigerant flows through the condenser, it is chilled and circles back to the evaporator. The A/C ducts bring air through the passenger vent.

Common A/C Problems

What happens when the A/C isn’t producing any cool air? The most probable cause is a leak in the refrigerant. No refrigerant equals no cool air. If it is in fact the refrigerant, then a service technician can locate the root of the problem and fix it. Some other reasons for A/C failure could be a failed compressor and defective refrigerant hoses. This can lead to clogs in the airstream.

Set Up a Routine A/C Inspection with NAPA AutoCare

A/C repairs can get fairly pricey, depending on the repair. A regular A/C inspection can reveal smaller problems before they become bigger problems. Ask your local a Spartan Auto Care service advisor in Springfield and Westfield, MA what they recommend for your vehicle’s A/C system. Call today at (413) 781-2480.