7 Things to Check in Your Car Before Going on Road Trips

Summer is just a month away for many college students whose spring semester ends in May. That means three months of fun and relaxation for those not working. One fun summer tradition for many college students is to have road trips.Don’t have a bad memory of this summer’s trip because your car broke down.

Make sure your car is in its best shape for the long drive by checking these seven things:

Don’t Let Car Problems Ruin Your Road Trip.


Antifreeze prevents your car from overheating- a common occurrence on long road trips through the countryside. Make sure the coolant surge reservoir is filled up.


Fill up on washer fluid to wipe away all those bugs on the windshield. Be sure to check the transmission and differential fluids too!

Oil change

Oil lubricates your car’s engine and keeps everything running smoothly. Come in for an oil change even if it’s before your recommended oil change date if you are expecting a long journey.

Tire pressure

Avoid a blowout or flat tire by making sure there is enough air in your tires. Rotate them if you notice some more tread on certain tires than others.


Make sure your brake fluid is full. This helps the gears that makes your car stop and saves your life from rusting.


If you hear loud screeches whenever you pull away from a stop sign, you have a loose or stretched belt. If a belt breaks,


Test your battery and make sure its clean and charged.


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