3 Things to Check When Buying a Used Car

Used Car

Buying a Used Car Can Be Stressful, but It Doesn’t Have to Be.

If you’ve ever bought a car before, you know how stressful it can be. Buying a used car on the other hand, can be even more stressful if you aren’t careful. When you buy a used car, you are buying something that someone else had before you and unfortunately there isn’t always a way to tell how well they took care of it before you. There are however a few things you can check before you sign your name on the dotted line to put your mind at ease.

The oil dipstick- This is very important since oil is the main component to making your engine run. Take the dipstick out, wipe it off, and put it back in again. When you pull it back out, take a look at where the oil level is. If it is to high, this could be a sign that there is gas in the oil. If it is too low, that is a bad sign as well. If the dipstick has white foam on it when you pull it out, this could be signs that there is water or coolant in the oil, this is bad, don’t buy this car.

Burnt holes- Take a look around the car, do you see any spots that could have been caused from cigarettes? The smell of cigarettes in a car can be covered by a lot of cleaning or perfume. Sometimes you buy the car before the smell comes back and then a week later you’re driving around in your new car that begins to smell like smoke, awesome right, not!

Dash lights- Pay attention to the lights on the dash. Some dealerships will try to clear check engine light codes and say the problem is fixed. Take the car for a long drive around the block. Drive it how you would if it was your car. Sometimes this will give it enough time for the check engine light to show back up, or for you to hear, smell, or see, that there is a problem within the car.

These are just a few things to pay attention to when you buy a used car. We want you to have the best experience possible, but if you suspect a problem or need advice, we are always here to help, just give us a call at (413) 781-2480!