3 Reasons for Vehicle Power Loss

We all love the feel and handling of a brand new car. But over time, you may notice that the power your vehicle used to have has diminished. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to keep your vehicle in top performing condition without spending a lot of money or making a lot of aftermarket adjustments.

How Can I Restore my Vehicle’s Power?

Your vehicle uses many different systems to work properly. When one system suffers, they all do. Keeping your car serviced and maintained is vital to sustaining optimal power. There are also other minimal steps that can be taken to ensure your car has the most torque and horsepower available.

  • Filters: Your vehicle uses three main filters for operation- the oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter. If any of these filters become clogged or damaged, our vehicle loses noticeable amounts of power.
  • Hoses and Seals: Each hose in your vehicle delivers a crucial formula that is needed for proper operation. Whether it’s transporting fuel or coolant, the seals and hoses in your system should be checked and maintained regularly to prevent cracking and other damages.
  • PCM (Powertrain Control Module): This small piece is the control board to your vehicle. A PCM Reflash provides a way to adjust torque, horsepower, and other variables that can help increase power.

Your Vehicle Power Experts

When you want more power from your vehicle, call the Spartan Auto Care experts at __PHONE__. We provide the expertise and skill needed to ensure you’re always getting optimal torque and horsepower from your engine. Call us today to learn about your vehicle’s power loss and what you can do to prevent it.