Scheduled Auto Maintenance: Rotating Tires

car tires and rimsYour tires all perform different jobs as you coast, brake, and turn, so it should come as no surprise that your tires wear down at different rates. If left unattended, the tires with a heavier workload are prone to wearing down more quickly, but rotating these tires to alternate locations on your car allows for your tires to wear at a more even rate. To help you remember the importance of including tire rotation in your scheduled maintenance routine, we walk through the benefits of rotating your tires here.

The configuration of your car and your driving style all affect the rate at which your tires wear down. For example, on a front wheel drive car, the front wheels are responsible for both accelerating and steering, so these tires often wear out before the rear tires. Swapping your tires to different locations allows for a more even wear on your tires, and evenly worn tires with a safe amount of tread help you avoid being surprised by tires that don’t properly to respond to your inputs.

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