15 Facts About Cars

Ever since the car was invented in 1886, improvements keep happening to vehicles quickly. While some cars facts are general knowledge, others may surprise you!

Facts About Cars

Cars Have Been A Beneficial Invention and Necessity, But Did You Know These Other Facts?

  • That new car smell that so many people love can actually be toxic! The fumes that you are breathing in is a combination of over 50 chemicals and compounds.
  • Up to 85% of a car is recyclable. A typical car has around 30,000 parts in it.
  • An average of 5 months of a person’s lifetime is wasted waiting at red lights.
  • There are more cars than there are people in Los Angeles.
  • A person will spend an average of 38 hours a year stuck in traffic in the United States alone! In 1982, the average was only 16 hours as population increase has soared.
  • In America, women were allowed to drive before they were legally allowed to vote.
  • Subaru is Japanese for Taurus, and the six stars in its logo reference the cluster of stars in its constellation.
  • Car crashes are the 9th leading cause of death around the world.
  • Car insurance companies claim that the average driver gets into an accident every 18 years of their life.
  • Seat belts weren’t installed and mandatory in cars until 1959.
  • Airbags weren’t invented until 1968.
  • Unless it is an emergency, it is illegal to honk you car horn in New York City.
  • Seatbelts save a life every 6 minutes.
  • Cars were seen as a green alternative compared to dying horses and horse poop pollution in the 1900s.
  • It costs around $9,000 a year to own and maintain a car in the United States.

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